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Find Your Connection at Church         October 22, 2014

Dear friends,

I felt like throwing my computer out the window. It was one of those mornings
where everything was going wrong. My frustration level was rising and I could feel
the tension in my neck pushing its way up to my head.

For some reason my computer kept timing out every time I wanted to go on the
Internet. I would write a note.  When I went to send it the little wheel would spin
and spin like a hamster on its exercise wheel.

I confess that I don't really understand the logistics in how computers work and
the way that the Internet connections are made. I am spoiled. I just tap the keys
and am instantly connected to the world wide web. It is like magic.

Yet despite the mystery behind it all, I have learned over the years that the first
step in dealing with connectivity issues is to head to the source. So I picked up my
computer and went into the main office where the wireless modem is kept. Within
seconds all my problems were resolved.

The same things happens with God at times. Like the web, God is everywhere. Yet
we have all experienced those moments when we feel disconnected. There are
days when we feel like we are just spinning our wheels and want to scream.

I am convinced that at those moments we need to stop what we are doing and go to
church. We need to be with others as they are praising the Lord. There is
something about corporate worship that energizes and empowers us.

I've never felt more connected than when I am in the midst of the body of Christ in
worship. Don't get me wrong. God is everywhere. You can plug in no matter where
you are. But when the connection is weak, head home and spend a little time with
Jesus in church.

God bless! See you in church. Cal