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                                                                                            June 7, 2017
Dear Friends,

I tried not to laugh.  With all seriousness she said, "What matters most is
what you hear inside your head."  It was a classic line reminiscent of
something the fast talking salesman, Harold Hill, of "The Music Man"
fame would say.

The story continued as Florence spoke of her lifelong dream of becoming
an opera singer.  As she stood there poised to sing "Ave Maria," you could
hear the giggles.  After the first notes the audience erupted in laughter.  
We weren't being rude.  It was meant to be funny.

Lori and I were at the Granite Theater. Diana Blanda was on stage portraying
the mid century, New York socialite, Florence Foster Jenkins in the comedy,
Souvenir.  As the story unfolded Jenkins shared that as a child she was
"actively discouraged" from singing.

There were so many funny lines in the show.  They struck a chord with me.  
Many of us have been told that we can't do something.  We can identify
with the Jenkins.  Yet, she didn't listen to the critics.  She heard what she
wanted to hear.  She went out and made it happen.

The great illusionist, David Copperfield, once said."My dreams are a dress
rehearsal for my future."  The truth is that dreams are powerful things.  
In the end, Jenkins' dreams led her all the way to Carnegie Hall where she
perform in front of a packed house.  Not bad.

It's been said, "If your dream seems unreachable, don't lower your dream,
raise your effort."  That was the message I took away from the show the
other night.  People may laugh at you, they may tell you it's impossible,
but don't listen to them.

Rick Warren, the author of The Purpose Driven Life, say that everyone asks
the questions, Why am I here? and What is my purpose?  Warren says we
are not here by accident. God created us for a reason.  We are to use the
gifts we have to worship and bring glory to God.

Has God put a dream in your heart?  What is stopping you from exploring
that dream?  The apostle Paul suggests that if God is for you, then who can
stand against you?  So go and live the dream.  In doing so, I pray that God
will get all the glory and you will be blessed!

God Bless!  See you in church.  

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