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Don't Be Afraid to Answer the Call         October 16, 2014

Dear friends,

I couldn't believe my good fortune. I boarded the plane to come home from the
conference and happened upon a seat in the “exit row.” Extra leg room, special
treatment. It was almost like a poor man's first class.

Just as we settled in the stewardess came by to ask if we were willing to do what
was needed in the unlikely event of an emergency, I looked up from my book and
for the first time, I actually began looking around me.

To my left were two rather heavyset men who looked like they had been stuffed
into their seats and strapped down with packing tape. The smell of alcohol drifted
my way from the man to my right. A sense of panic overcame me.

I wanted to say something but who would listen? There are some jobs that demand
an ability to perform under pressure. I'd like to know that the people who hold my
life in their hands are actually able to do what is required. It shouldn't be left up to

I was struck though with a strange thought on the drive home from the airport.
Throughout the scriptures we see God choosing men and women to serve him who,
like my seatmates, appear unprepared, inadequate and ill equipped to do the job.

When God needs something done, he chooses people like you and me, We may not
look like much but God doesn't look at the externals. He sees things in us that are
hidden from the world's eyes. He sees our gifts, strengths and most of all, he sees
our hearts.

After all, he knows us best. So look again the next time you see someone who is
serving God that looks a little out of place. Try to see them as God sees them. It is
especially true if you are looking in the mirror. So when God calls, don't hesitate.
He knows what he is doing. Just trust him and go.

God bless! See you in church. Cal.