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Do You Have a Walter In Your Life

                                                                            January 17, 2018
Dear Friends,
Every successful person needs a right hand man, a co-pilot, a "go to" gal, in
order to get things done. Batman had Robin. Harry Potter had Hermione. Sonny
had Cher, the Apostle Paul had Timothy. Do you have someone like that in
your life?  If you do, you are blessed!

Tim Gunn, the star of Lifetime's Project Runway, suggests, "Life is not a solo
act.  It is a huge collaboration and we all need to assemble around us the people
who care about us and support us."  I'd take it a step farther.  We need others
in order to succeed.

When did we begin thinking we had to do everything ourselves? You've heard
it said, "two heads are better than one." That makes sense. Lin-Manuel Miranda,
who wrote the Broadway hit musical, Hamilton, says, "Working with other
people just makes you smarter."

We all have weaknesses. We all have blindspots. Yet when we collaborate
with someone else, our gifts are magnified and our weaknesses minimized.
A wonderful thing takes place when we give up this child-like idea that we
have to do it ourselves. Just ask Walter.

Walter was our part time custodian for many years. Inevitably he would
drop in on a day when I was working on some project and say, "what's
happening boss?" He'd listen to my plans and then say, "You know if I
were going to do that..." and share a thought or two.

I came to value his input in those early days of ministry here in Westerly.
He always gave me something to think about. His suggestions came just when
I needed a fresh point of view to get the project done. His presence was a
gift that blessed me and all of us here.

We all have Walters in our lives. We have people who come along, to inspire
us and help us achieve our goals. I think that is because God knows we can't
do it alone. If we are going to build the kingdom of God, we need help. We
need to do it together.

So as the year unfolds, embrace the people who God sends your way. Find
partners as you seek to serve the Lord. Listen to those who speak wisdom
into your life. Most of all, know that God has not called you to do it alone.
He will send a Walter to help you get it done.

God bless. See you in church.

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