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Come As You Are

 February 8, 2017
Dear Friends,

I had to laugh.  Last Friday morning I was taking a shower before my
workout at the gym.  Why?  I was going to have a picture taken and I
wanted to look my best for the camera.  I laughed because the absurdity
of what I was doing hit me.

When I arrived at the YMCA I headed upstairs to the workout room.  
For the next twenty minutes, my friend, Sunil, and I pretended that we
were exercising.  We laughed the whole time.  Using the elliptical trainer
was never more fun.  

All the while the photographer was snapping the photos that would
accompany a newspaper article about our weight loss challenge.  The
pictures, as good as they were, won't tell the whole story though.  Our
contest is not all laughs and giggles.

Sunil and I both have some health concerns.  We decided to do what we
need to do to adopt healthy lifestyles.  We are challenging each other.  
We are making a commitment to do the hard work and to try to make
good choices going forward.  We are trying to eat healthy.  That's not
always so easy.  On Super Bowl Sunday I ate three days worth of food.  
The truth is that there will be those moments where we look like we have
it all together and times where we are a complete mess.  

That's true for our walk of faith as well.  Some days we feel like God is at
our side holding our hand.  Nothing can go wrong.  Other days will feel like
we have a rain cloud hovering overhead and there are potholes and puddles

The truth is life is much easier when you have a buddy, someone to encourage
you along the way.  That's the essence of what the church community is called
to be.  We are called to love and encourage one another on this walk through life.

I look forward to Sunday mornings when I can gather with friends in the
presence of God.  In worship we are reminded that we are not alone.  We
stand together as we try to live out our calling as people of faith.  So smile.  
Head to a church near you.  Don't worry how you look.  Just come as you are.

God bless.  See you in church.  

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