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Captured in Your Heart

 April 5, 2017
Dear Friends,

The photographer was all over the place. He was on the altar. He was in
the middle of the aisle. He was up in the balcony. Every time I turned
around I saw him looming again. The wedding was about to start. He
finally settled into a spot at the head of the aisle.

I've done a number of weddings over the years. I understand that the
perfect photograph is priceless. Yet, as an officiant at a wedding, I always
tell the photographers that I expect them to do the best they can while
remaining invisible once the service starts.

I'm not sure what my colleague performing the ceremony said to him,
but the photographer seemed to be taking a lot of liberties. I chuckled
to myself as I looked up and thanked God that I was simply there to
enjoy the service. That's when something unbelievable happened.

The photographer put down his camera and stepped in to give the charge
to the couple. I had never seen anything like it. Everything began to make
sense. He introduced himself as an old friend of the couple. He was doing
his part to make it a memorable day. It was beautiful.

I thought back to my own wedding. Our pastor, Rev. Dr. John Brooks,
was also our official photographer. Photography was his hobby and he
was good at it. The wedding pictures were just one gift that he was able
to give us that day. His being there was the biggest blessing.

I tell every couple I marry that among the gifts they will receive on their
wedding day, the most special ones, are the people who share their day
with them. To be able to share one of the most sacred moments with
someone you love is both, incredible and memorable.

That's the message of Holy Week. God loved us enough to want to be a
part of our "happily ever after." He stepped in and now the cross reminds
us that God made the ultimate sacrifice to make it happen. So smile and
praise God. I pray this Easter will be a day to remember... even if you
don't capture it in photographs. Just keep it in your heart.

God bless! See you in church.  

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