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Can You Hear Him Now?

August 23, 2017
Dear Friends,

It was late. I was hungry. I saw the food. I was tempted to make up a
plate. Then I saw the sign. It read, "Please do not serve yourself until you
are told to do so. Thank you!" No one was looking. I could have helped
myself. No one would have known. No one, except me.

As the crowd was getting out of the plenary session at our meetings, the
line at the serving station was growing. It was as if no one had seen the
sign. The cheese and crackers, veggies and fruit were flying off the table
as if a buzzsaw was cutting through the beautiful display.

Hannah McMahon, the Executive Director of the New Baptist Covenant,
and sponsor of the food table, stepped up to the podium. She looked around
as she began to speak. No one was paying attention to her. They were lost
in their own world and thinking only of the food.

Laughter and chatter continued. People were filling their plates and ignoring
her. The food was supposed to come at the end of her presentation.
None-the-less her powerpoint began. It played to a crowd that was oblivious.
Two more speakers followed without making a mark.

Then an interesting thing happened. No one saw Aidsand at first. He had
been standing in the background.Then this man with a booming voice
stepped up to the podium. He began very softly. With each phrase, he got
louder and louder. Slowly the crowd began to notice.

A hush fell over the hall. All eyes turned to him. Everything stopped.
This man could not be ignored. His voice and his presence filled the room.
I thought of 2 Chronicles 5. The passage tells how everything stopped the
day the glory of the Lord filled the temple.

The truth is that God is always with us. Yet, God often has to do something
bold to get our attention. He has to raise his voice. He has to shake the
rafters. It's us, you and me, that fail to realize God is in the room because
we are prone to getting caught up in lesser things.

So hold the buffet! In these waning days of summer let's make it a point to
slow down and listen for the voice of God. That's where you will find the
most satisfying food for your soul.

God bless. See you in church.

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