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Called to Be a Living Billboard

March 7, 2018
Dear Friends,

It was a silly name for a movie. When Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
was nominated for an Oscar, I sat up and took notice. Was I missing something?  
I thought billboards were something from the past.

I didn't see how a billboard could have any significance. They are old school.
They're an outdated mode of communication. They don't jump out at you like
today's commercial advertising does. They just stand there.

Well... that's what I thought before I headed out on my 1910 mile road trip
across the country. The world takes on a different look as you are speeding
along at 65 miles an hour.  Some things actually catch your eye.

It wasn't long before I began to notice the billboards. They popped up like text
messages along the route alerting us as to what was ahead. They noted
restaurants, hotels, gas stations, local attractions and rest areas.

One sign actually caused us to change our plans. We were cruising along when
we saw it. The sign said, "You've got to see this! 200 classic cars all in one place!"  
What could we do?  We got off the highway to check it out.

The Classic Car Museum in Kearney, Nebraska was just off the main road.  
It was great. It made our day and turned out to be a highlight of our trip.  
If it hadn't been for that billboard, we would have missed this wonderful gift.

It occurred to me that as Christians, we are like billboards. Our lives matter.
We point people to Christ. The way we live reveals the joy of a relationship
with Jesus. It stands out like a sign to those passing by.

The truth is that if it wasn't for us, some people might miss out on all Christ
has to offer.  So be a billboard. May God's glory radiate through you so that
many will notice, and through you, come to know the joy of the Lord.

God bless!  See you in church.

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