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Are You Ready to Get to Work?
July 4, 2018

Dear Friends,

I went to work for Manpower the summer that Lori and I were married.
I wanted a job that allowed me flexibility to work when I wanted.  The
company offered short term assignments in various venues.  It was perfect.
It seemed like a dream come true.

I was reminded of this when I saw a group of men standing outside the
Labor Ready office in Norwich.  The guys were looking for a paycheck.
Many of them just wanted work for a day or two so they could get by.

Seeing them standing there reminded me of Jesus' parable about the
laborers. Do you remember the story?  The owner went out in the
morning to hire some workers.  He did it several times throughout the day.

Sounds like a dream job where you work only when you want to.
That's when the thought hit me. Does God see us as people who view
our service to the him as temporary, short lived or to be done when
we feel like it.

We show up for Jesus when we need a boost for our faith or when a
friend is in trouble. We report for duty when life is going badly and
we want to be paid in blessings. The rest of the time we go our own
way and ignore him.

The truth is that Jesus is looking for full time workers. He is looking
for partners, disciples who are ready to transform the world with the
Good News of God's love. He is looking for men and women who are
ready to work.

Jesus is looking for people who are willing to serve him every day. He
invites us to work side by side with him. He says, "Come and follow me."
Are you looking for purpose and meaning in your life? Then stop going
to the world's "labor ready. "

Sign up with the Lord's "ever ready" instead. He will give you something
to do that will bless you and the world around you. There's no better job
and no better reward for your faithfulness.

See you at work. I'll be at the Church with Jesus.

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