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Are You Ready to Share the Good News?

  April 12, 2017
Dear Friends,

It was a scary moment. We heard the commotion from across the room.
When we got up and looked over, a dozen people were surrounding a young
woman in distress. Any of them could have done so, but one of them took
command and acted quickly.

She was choking on a piece of meat. The young man moved behind her and
applied the Heimlich maneuver. In a matter of seconds the obstruction was
removed. He had saved her life. Amazingly enough, there couldn't have
been a better place for this to have occurred.

"How's that?" you might ask. Nearly anyone in the room could have
stepped in and saved her. Most of them had been trained in CPR and
life saving techniques. It happened in the middle of the annual banquet
for family and friends of a local volunteer fire department.

I wouldn't call it luck. It was a "grace filled" moment. When she needed
help the most, God surrounded her with people who were prepared to jump
into action. That doesn't always happen. Sometimes people have the
knowledge but they fail to act on it.

That's why I love the Easter story. When Mary and the others discovered
the empty tomb, they didn't just sit there. They jumped into action and
began to share the good news. They told everyone they knew. The
resurrection confirmed that Jesus was who he said he was.

We live in a Good Friday world. It is often filled with despair and
disappointment. Yet the empty tomb tells us that there is good news.
At the center of this Easter message is the revelation that God cares.
He sent his Son into the world to save us and give us new life.

There are people who need to hear this life saving message. The only
way it will happen is if you and I are ready to jump into action to share
it. We are right where God wants us to be. So praise God. Share the
Good news. Hallelujah! Christ has risen!

God bless! Happy Easter. See you in church.

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