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Always Room for One More

 July 19, 2017
Dear Friends,

How many people can you fit in a minivan? It was not a trick question.
When I heard Keith pose the question my mind immediately flashed back
to images from my childhood. I saw a group of people cramming themselves
into a Volkswagen Beetle or an old style phone both.

There is something about pushing the envelope that is exciting. We want to
see just how much we can do and how far we can go without having
everything fall apart. There is a daredevil aspect to life that many of us
embrace. Yet, is it true it in terms of our faith?

Keith Myers and his wife, Debbie, are missionaries serving in Mexico. His
answer to the question was simply, "One more." He went on to tell the story
of how they received a minivan as a gift. It was more car than they wanted.
Yet, it was just what they needed.

Every week they would drive out to pick up people for Bible study. Word
got out. Before long people began inviting their friends. As they arrived
to pick up someone, they would ask, "Is there room for my friend?" The
answer, "Yes, we always have room for one more."

Keith laughed when he said that it would never have worked here in the
United States. The laws are too strict. Everyone needs a seatbelt. Yet in
Mexico time has stood still. The people crammed in, excited to be together...
and there was always enough room.

He said the same thing happened in their home where the Bible studies
were held. They had a table and chairs for eight. Before long more people
showed up. When asked if they had room, they would say, "We always
have room for one more." It always brought a laugh.

"That's God's economy!" Keith said. "Although there may be limits to
what any of us can do, God always expands upon it. We may feel we have
reached our capacity but God always makes room for at least one more.
The key is trusting God."

Have you been struggling with something God is calling you to do? Have
you wondered if you had the ability, the time, and the resources to do so?
Trust God. When doing God's will, you can count on Him to supply
whatever you need and a little bit more.

God bless!  See you in church.

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