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A Reflection of His Love                                      May 1, 2014

Dear friends,

I can honestly say that I would not be the pastor, let alone the man, that I am
today if it weren't for the time I spent with Rev. Dr. John Brooks forty years ago.
He was my pastor and he gave me an incredible gift.

I began meeting with Dr. B once a month while I was in high school.  It wasn't
anything formal.  I'd expressed an interest in going into the ministry. He suggested
we talk about it.  So once a month we would get together to talk about life,
ministry, school and whatever else was on my mind.

Every month was different.  We never just sat in his office.  One time I rode with
him into Yantic to get a haircut.  Another time we drove out to the dump to drop off
his trash.  He pointed out that ministry often happened on these type of trips. I
watched as he interacted with those he met.

One day we went to lunch at Bee Bee's Restaurant.  As we were talking he took
his napkin and made some notes.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said "You
never know where inspiration will hit."  He taught me that God often meets us in
the midst of our daily routines.

We talked about family, dating, money, school and just about everything under the
sun.  Nothing was off limits.  We met to talk about ministry, but Dr. Brooks helped
me see that ministry was really about meeting God in our every day life.   It was so
much more than a "Sunday" thing.

I was changed by the time I spent with this special man.  The truth is the same
thing happens when we spend time with our Lord.  When we walk with Him in
prayer, and read His Word, and join Him in worship and service, we will be
changed by being by the time we spent with God.

The greatest compliment I ever received was from someone who said that they
could see Rev. Brooks in me.  That touched my heart.  Even more so, I pray that
when people speak of you and me as children of God, they might say that they see
the Father in us.  Praise God.

God bless. See you in church. Cal