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A Guide to Strategic Living

 May 9, 2018
Dear Friends,

I call it "strategic parking." It is that act of consciously choosing a spot
to park where you are least likely to encounter a swinging door or errant
shopping cart.   I started doing it with our first new car in 1984.

It may mean adding a few steps and parking at the far end of the lot.  
Sometimes I sneak in at the end of a row where there are added lines to
protect you.  It has even meant passing up a spot in the front row.

The subject came up this week when my daughter bought her first new car.  
She was so excited as we drove away from the dealership.   She had a
smile that went from ear to ear.  I was so happy for her.

She exclaimed, "I can't believe it.  I just bought a new car!"  It was a totally
new experience for her.  The 2005 Toyota Corolla she had been driving, was
a hand me down that had scored 276,000 miles.

Of course every new circumstance has its own set of challenges.  The birth
of a child, the start of a new job, the onset of a relationship or the purchase
of a new car all come with questions.

That first question came for my daughter as we passed the Crystal Mall.  
She turned to me with wrinkled brow and asked, "How am I going to
keep my new car from getting dinged up in parking lots?"

A line from the movie Spiderman came to mind.  With his dying breath,
Peter Parker's uncle says, "With great power comes great responsibility."
It was my turn to share the art of strategic parking.

The truth is you can't escape life without a few dents and bruises.  Life can
be like a parking lot.  The good news is that God offers advice on how to live
purposefully and strategically.  It is found in the Bible.

It's God's guide to living well. If you are looking for answers to life's most
pressing questions, tap into the power. Open the good book and explore
God's plan for strategic living.  It will set your mind at ease.

God Bless! See you in church.

(P.S. Remember the church is wherever God's people serve the Lord.)
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