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A Faith That Computes

                                                                           November 16, 2016
Dear Friends,

"You will need this," he said.  I was heading off to seminary and my pastor,
gave me a gift.  He had just purchased a brand new IBM personal computer for
himself. He gift wrapped his old CP/M system computer and gave it to me.

That gift changed my life. Rev. Brooks was prophetic.   I learned how to
type papers, do research and prepare homework while at school.  In my
first church I learned how to edit newsletters and organize my ministry
with that computer.

Fifteen years later I used a new computer to finish up the manuscript of
my book, The Church Newsletter Handbook.  Another friend, Matthew,
introduced me to the software that would allow me to make some incredible

I thought of this last week when I attended a workshop on technology
and the use of social media.  The world has changed.  Who would have
thought that we'd be able to connect to people around the world with a
click of a button?

Life is always changing.  They say that we can't imagine what is coming
down the road as advances in technology explode in new ways that will
allow us to do things that were once thought to be impossible.  It's thrilling,
but also scary.

Change is never easy.  Even in the midst of good things, we can feel unnerved
and unsettled.  I know I did when I left for seminary.  The good news is that
God gives us a gift that prepares us for the future.  His Word equips us for life.

If you are feeling anxious about things happening right now, get plugged into
your Bible.  Do a reboot and re-read God's promises.  Join a Bible study and
let it reconfigure the way you think.  Then save it to the hard drive of your

It is amazing what happens when you let God's Spirit become the operating
system of your life.  It will open up new windows, new vistas, for you.  
You'll be equipped with the hardware to face whatever the world sends your
way.  So go ahead and boot up!

God bless! See you in church.

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