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Who are you walking with?

                                                                     June 5,  2019
Dear Friends,

I hate to pay for parking. We probably could have
found something on the street but the cars and people
were everywhere. We were barely moving and I was
afraid we might not make it if we wasted too much time.
So when a man in a baseball cap waved me in, I took the
spot. Fifteen dollars was a small price to pay for peace
of mind.

The afternoon sun was going down in the west. It was a
beautiful evening for a concert in the park. I was with
friends from church and we were having a good time.
Yet, as we made our way to the gate, it seemed like the
whole world had come out to hear a message of hope.

The line appeared to extend for over a half mile.
Everyone was excited. There was a buzz in the air as
we slowly inched forward. I don't know if it was
because the Christian group, Crowder, was playing
or if they simply wanted to hear Franklin Graham's
message. Regardless, the enthusiasm and joy in that
slow moving crowd was contagious.

At one point we reached a bottle neck, where the line
that had been mostly two or three deep, began to flay
out. Even though it appeared that there were multiple
points of entry ahead, everything came to a sudden
stop as bags were being checked and people admitted
one by one.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an angel appeared. I call
her an angel because of what she did for us. She noticed
Judy, the oldest member of our party, and invited her
to bypass the crowd and to make her way to a special
entrance for older attendees. When Judy said she was
with a group, she waved and called all five of us to
come along.  

I couldn't believe our good fortune. Because we were
with Judy, we scooted past the large crowd and entered
through a narrow passage way. We jumped to the head
of the line. We were screened, greeted and welcomed.
It was like having the fast pass at Disney World, only
better, because we were there to praise God.

It's been said, "It's not what you know, it's who you know.
" Our faith tells us that on judgment day we will all stand
before God. The Bible tells us that having Jesus at our
side will make all the difference. We will be ushered into
the kingdom of heaven not because of anything we did.
It will be because of him, and what he did on the cross.

So stay close to Jesus. You can't go wrong. He will bless
you on the path of life and he will get you through the
gate when your time comes. Praise God!  

God bless! See you in church.
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