Central Nursery School was established in 1970 under the sponsorship of the Central Baptist Church and
open to children of all faiths and traditions.  It's purpose is to create an educational environment for the
preschool child that is undergirded by the rich traditions of the Judea-Christian heritage.  The goal is to
supplement and enrich the child’s basic learning with his family and prepare the child for their beginning school
years with a curriculum that will enhance their total life experience.

Set up an appointment to come and meet our Director, Lauren Sposato.  Lauren is a gifted pre-school teacher
and a wonderful, caring person.  We are blessed to have her.  She received her undergraduate degree from
Iona College.  She went on to receive her Master’s degree in education and was recognized as a Rhode Island
Highly Qualified teacher.  She began her teaching career at a private school in New York.

In 2009 Lauren joined the staff of Central Nursery School.  She quickly showed herself to be an asset to the
leadership team.  Two years ago she began working on a new curriculum that is now used in the classroom
and has received accolades from the parents for its ability to prepare their children for kindergarten.  During
the last year Lauren became the lead teacher and Director.  Her approach to early childhood education has
been through hands-on exploration and authentic experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Her nurturing
and caring approach to instruction provides a safe and loving environment for children to develop and grow.

The goals of the school are to promote motor development, personal independence and self-confidence,
cooperation with others, and an awareness of God.  The school partners with the family and volunteers from
the church and community to achieve its goals.

2019-2020 is going to be a great year and we'd love to have your child join us.  
Central Nursery School
Central Nursery School has been
operating at Central Baptist Church in
Westerly, RI for over 48 years.  We
pride our reputation on having a clean,
safe and loving environment for your
child.  We work with each child to
develop a positive self-concept, build
friendships, and learn in a hands-on
classroom setting.
Our Programs...

2 Day Program
Half day program.  Full day available
based on demand.

This program serves children who are three
years old by August 31 of the enrollment year.

3 or 5 Day Program
This program serves children who are four
years old by August 31 of enrollment year.
Half day or full-day program.

Registrations are taken on an on-going basis.
Call 401-596-4929 to Register
About our curriculum....
Each of these areas of focus is given attention throughout the day:

Language - Immersing the child in a rich language environment
promotes interest in written and oral communication.

Literacy - Through exposure to various types of literature and
writing experiences the child becomes connected to the written
word and realizes its importance in sharing ideas.

Mathematics - Incorporating math in the classroom develops
critical thinking skills and helps the child make connections to
the world around him or her.

Social/Emotional - A well balanced program will promote
responsibility and positive attitudes through a sense of
belonging to a community.

Science/Exploration - Science is an active process
encouraging the student to engage in hands-on activity.  
Science has many practical connections to experiences in the
child's world.

Creative Arts (Music/Movement and Visual Arts)
Encouraging self-expression through creative arts allows and
encourages the child to communicate in a way that reflects his
or her own learning style.

Physical Health/Safety - Gross motor activity increases the
child's confidence moving his or her body through space while
improving strength, balance, coordination and body-control
skills.  Overall healthful living and safety habits are encouraged.
Our Mission
Central Nursery seeks to engage each child by
stimulating different areas of development
through hands-on learning activities that provide
connections to the world he or she lives.  The
preschool program and its teachers shall model
and encourage positive interactions and creative
thinking to nurture the cognitive, physical , social
and emotional development of each child.
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Register your child...

Registrations are taken on an on-going basis.  
Call (401)596-4929 to pre-register for the coming year.
Where children learn to play and play
to learn in a hands-on, loving
Our Director - Ms. Lauren Sposato
Graduation Ceremony
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